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Plastic Ocean PrOJECT

    The mission of Plastic Ocean Project, Inc. 501(c)3 is to educate through field research, implement progressive outreach initiatives, and incubate solutions to address the global plastic pollution problem, working with and for the next generation to create a more sustainable future.

    ​Our long term goals are to actively and collectively incubate five solutions toward the prevention and removal of marine plastics on and off-shore.  We are bringing together a community of world leaders focused on innovation, collaboration, education and outreach. We are spearheading and mobilizing focused research and innovative projects to meet the challenge of removing man-made debris from our oceans in support of our next generation while creating new sustainable businesses.

    We believe assembling a collaborative team representative of all stakeholders is the key to the success of our mission. The collaborative team will focus on solution incubation for marine debris prevention and removal.  The five targeted groups we include in the collaboration model include: Academics, Corporate America, Government, NGOs & Non-profits, and Individuals/Entrepreneurs. 

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