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Cape Fear Audubon

    The Southeastern area of North Carolina is unique. Located at the northern range of many warm-loving species and at the southern range of their northern cousins, it offers seemingly endless opportunity to view the natural world. The eastern flyway passes over the area and with it come many migrating birds in spring and fall. Fields and forest, wetland and seashore are all located within an easy drive. Whether your passion is shorebirds and waders or raptors and songbirds, you will not be disappointed during an outing in our region.

    The membership of Cape Fear Audubon Society includes retirees, educators, citizen scientists and professionals, as well as naturalists, photographers, and armchair birders. In June 2007, this diverse, dynamic group of birders reactivated the Cape Fear chapter of Audubon North Carolina. Sound interesting? Why not join us?

    Cape Fear Audubon Society works with Audubon North Carolina in local Important Bird Areas, nesting sites, and habitat protection. Our duties include, marking and fencing nesting sites, bird counts and public education. We are also participate in national bird counts.

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