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Biota part 1 & 2

    Biota is a two-part live performance and light / sound installation reminding us of the flux that constitutes the dynamic balance between types of plants and animal life that occupy specific regions at specific times at a variety of scales. Whether looking through the microscope, from an aerial view, through the eyes of a single cell diatom, or over time, Biota maps the interdependence between organisms in a state of balance / imbalance, nearing the brink. From bloom to collapse, we bear witness and trust evolution’s persistence to be resilient and adaptable, but to what extreme? What is our human role in the tipping of the scales? Biota part one takes place inside the Algae Society’s Confluence Exhibition at the Cameron Art Museum. Part two convenes outdoors along the banks of the Cameron Art Museum retention pond and connects with the Algae Society’s Floating Island Ecosystem project and local issues in Wilmington focused on runoff from our roads and lawns into our retention ponds and amplified by overdevelopment and urban sprawl.

    If you’d like to sign up for limited spot for the 5pm performance of Biota Part 1, please click on the following link to RSVP:

    Projections: Gene A. Felice II

    Performance: Janice Lancaster

    Sound: Kimathi Moore

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